What is it?

LFGCentral is a place where gamers can connect together, find gaming partners and share video game content found online. It’s a place where
we want you to feel safe and not get harassed by others. We will condemn toxicity without hesitation.

Our company

LFGCentral is made by gamers for gamers with the goal of eliminating toxicity as much as possible found in most video games nowadays. We think that finding the right people online when you play games can enhance your experience and make you enjoy them a lot more. We have just set the stepping stones and we think that building with the community, for the community, can create a better experience in the long run. We want you to feel like home when you log on the platform. Transparency is important for us and we need you give us feedback on what like or dislike or what you would like to see in the future.

Our goal

We will push for LFGCentral to be the main platform for video game related content, finding new buddies to play with, eliminating toxic players and enhancing your experience in video games. We always thought that video games needed a place where gamers could connect and have everything they need at the click of a button. Help us forge what you need as a gamer and be a part of it.